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Welcome to our
Dance Community Dream!!

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Hello hello and welcome to our latest iteration of rural dance community project dreaming, a project with body, breadth, depth and heart, that's getting ready to pounce into the realms of reality, and is in the exciting stage of calling those keen to get involved, into it's orbit..

Deep breath... and here we go..

The vision is to bring the nature of Rumble festival to a living, breathing, dancing and caring community space, all year round. In fact it's bigger than that! - It is to create a centre for authentic movement that can host not only Rumble, but many other events and gatherings with connection, movement and heart at their core. 

The project will have a clear set of principles and objectives, whilst clarifying it's financial status and forecasts as a fully sustainable, effective, soulful and mindful business that any dance lover or anyone at all might want to invest in, both to support it to happen, but also in making a wise financial investment too!


The idea would be to raise the funds through a mix of 2-4 core investors and also many more smaller investors that can together secure and develop a beautiful community space with land, not far from London, that offers various possibilities to host groups, events, festivals and more, while earning a target share value each year, and offering multiple perks and pleasures for those able and keen to invest.


There would be a weekly programme of body-centred movement, dancing, meditations, sharing circles, authentic relating and more, plus plentiful hugs and activities to support both short and long term guests to celebrate life together!

The Property!

Having looked at various different properties, each with unique selling points and potential, I've put together a list of definite characters and also desirable qualities, with the hope of finding somewhere with them all..:



Accessible from London (less than 3 hrs by public transport or driving)

Surrounded by nature - Direct access to green places to walk, to view, to immerse ourselves in nature

Potential to build / include at least 3 large group spaces that can host 50-100 people each

Licensable for commercial use, to enable the property to host regular events

Space to eventually sleep up to 20 people indoors, in rooms / dorms / mobile homes / etc

Space to camp up to 200 people for a number of events over summer

Catering facilities for up to 200 guests at peak season, and up to 50 more regularly


Nearby to an area of outstanding natural beauty!

Music Studio possibilities

House Newington pics.png

Are you curious to get involved? 

Perhaps I’m dreaming, or maybe, just maybe, this is the start of a wonderful plan that will lead us to create a paradise space just 1hr from London, where we can sing and dance and move through the waves of experiences that arise as we travel through life!


I believe every incredible project starts somewhere, and so who knows if this is one of those, though I certainly feel a tingling in my heart at the thought! 

Our Community Principles might be:

The following values reflect some of the intentions we may choose to follow as a community.

Decisions made at all levels would be informed by these principles and help members,

guests and volunteers to ensure we have a shared sense of purpose and vision.

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Living in Community

We choose to live in community with the aim of developing friendships and a sense of family and belonging.

We aim to resolve conflict through generosity and participation even when it's not so easy.

We participate in a sharing circle at least once a week and use various tools to help us in these processes.

Working and living together

We are committed to contributing in a practical way to the community, sharing tasks such as cooking, gardening and cleaning and generally taking responsibility and ownership of our living space, together. 

Eating and celebrating together

We share the cooking of our evening meals which are veggy with vegan options. Each evening we also offer an activity to enjoy together - celebrating life through arts, relaxation, music, dance, poetry and more!


We share resources where feasible and aim for our land and facilities to be as sustainable as possible...

We support local producers and buy organic, fair trade and local food as much as we can.

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Growing together

We are committed to our own personal journeys of self development and growth and we contribute to the community through weekly sharing and focus groups. We believe there are many forms and tools that can aid us on this journey and we are open to include as many as we can in every day life.

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