Rumble Programmes Part 1 and Part 2

With plenty of space indoors and out, there'll be a mix of activities and the invitation to meet and support each other as we ease back into connecting with real-life people in real skin on real dance floors, in the gentlest possible way.. Wow.. this feels so wonderful.. Just breathing it in!

☀️ 5 Rhythms ☀️ Contact Improvisation ☀️ Ecstatic dance ☀️ Yoga ☀️ Tango

☀️ Brazilian Forró ☀️ Intimate connection ☀️ Drumming and dancing around the fire
☀️ Sacred song ☀️ Acro-yoga and Cuddle Puddles ☀️ Hand on heart

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Rumble Part 1 - August 12th to August 16th 2021
Rumble Part 2 - August 19th to August 23rd 2021

* Please note all workshops and timings are subject to changes and updates 

Dance - Camp - Meet - Share - Connect - Be conscious - Be you - Be welcome - Enjoy Summer!