Our programme

We have invited a host of great teachers to join our team and bring much inspiration and excitement to the weekend's activities. Our focus has been to find down-to-earth yet experienced guides who have a unique and personable way of sharing their passion.

☀️ Contact Improvisation ☀️ Ecstatic dance ☀️ Yoga and Thai massage

☀️ Movement Medicine ☀️ Intimate connection ☀️ Drumming and dance around the fire
☀️ Cacao ceremony ☀️ 5 Rhythms ☀️ Sacred song ☀️ Dance of the heart ☀️ Hand on heart

☀️ Tango ☀️ DANCE Mandala ☀️ Acro-yoga and Cuddle Puddles ☀️ Forró

* Please note all workshops and timings are subject to changes

Dance - Camp - Meet - Share - Connect - Be conscious - Be you - Be welcome - Enjoy Summer!

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You can also call us on 07834465577 or email us here

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