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Crew / Volunteer at Rumble Camp!

We work with a lovely team of friendly volunteers to welcome our guests, help in the kitchen, work on the site team and generally to ensure everyone has what they need over the period of both Rumble camp weekends.

In exchange for working a total of 16 hours over 4 days, we can offer a free ticket and most of your food. You can choose which team you'll be part of and we'll welcome you with much appreciation!

Please complete our crew registration forms if you'd like to apply to help us this year.

Register to Crew on Rumble Part 1 here - From July 31st - August 5th

Register to Crew on Rumble Part 2 here - From August 8th - August 14th


You will be welcome to volunteer on either or both weekends of Rumble camps, but not necessarily stay at the camp in the days in between (though you can leave your tent there if you help us with both).​

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm to help make Rumble happen! - We can't do it without you!

Join our Managing team at Rumble Camp!

Our Management Application form is here!

Our management roles cover various areas including Catering, Site team, Registration, Volunteer management and Programming and if you are interested to be involved in any of these areas, then please fill in this form and we'll soon be in touch..


We do have a tiny budget for the managing team as they are needing to be really quite committed and hard working, though I think it's fair to say we are all in it for the love..

Thanks so much for being interested to help make Rumble happen!

Join us as an Artist at Rumble Camp!

Our Artist and Space Holder Applications are open 

Please complete our Artist application form here if you are keen to offer something at Rumble

Please note that we have limited spaces and most our teachers and space holders have already attended Rumble before or taught in past years, so we hope you can understand if we are unable to offer positions as we normally have many applications for very few places. Please do apply in any case though, as you never know! 

Thanks so much for being interested to help make Rumble happen and bring your magic!

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