Introducing our Artists and Space Holders

We are brimming with excitement to announce our line-up of wonderful facilitators, space holders, musicians and artists, to guide, inspire, encourage and hold us on our way throughout our Rumble Camp weekends.


Most will join us for one weekend only, so please check the specific programmes for details of when sessions will be.


One thing for sure is that there will be a diverse yet grounding mix of wonderful opportunities to meet and explore, to sink into our bodies and to find our way to fully welcome ourselves to the space with all that we bring.

Introducing the Rumble 2022 facilitators and artists.. In no particular order..

OK - Dancing first, then sounds.. We did say Rumble was all about dance, right?..

5 Rhythms with Jason Rowe


Jason fell in love with the 5Rhythms in 2003, graduated with Gabrielle Roth as a teacher in 2011 and has been teaching continuously ever since.


"I’m excited and honoured to be part of the Rumble Camp this Summer offering the 5Rhythms. With space for multiple sessions over several days we will have so much opportunity for real, deep, creative, playful and enriching connections through dance.


The maps of the practice mirror life, and with everyone living together in a festival atmosphere I have no doubt this will be a wonderful experience for seasoned dancers and beginners alike."

See more on Jason's work here

Ecstatic Dance with OSARA


For the very first time at Rumble, OSARA will be taking us on a Sunday morning Ecstatic Dance journey of wonder - Rumble Part 1!

OSARA is a father, artist and visionary based in Bristol, England. He has Celtic, Anglo and Sami Roots.

OSARA is the founder and community leader of Ecstatic Dance Bristol (EDB) which is the home of an ever growing, evolving and cutting edge conscious community in the vibrant, beating heart of Bristol city.

Honouring the rich musical heritage of Bristol and the WISE isles; and the rich diversity of music that can be found around the world, OSARA creates deep, powerful and transformative dance journeys and events that are ever evolving and responding to the spirit of time, community and place.

See more on OSARA Sound here

HeartWave with Dominik Schnell


Dominik has been passionately engaged in dance for over two decades, exploring performance, contemporary, contact dance as well as many forms of expressive dance styles. He draws from his rich experience as facilitator, combining dance, tantra and process work.

A HeartWave is about connecting us to the deepest parts of ourselves through the power of movement and meditation, held safely as we journey in and out of relating, in and out of shadow, in and out of our fear.


Above all HeartWave is a deeply liberating exploration of our inert yearning for belonging, connection and togetherness. A HeartWave is for everyone, no experience required, solo or couple – all is welcome!  More on HeartWaves here

Contact Improvisation and Jams plus Welcome Connections with Stone


Stone describes himself as a tribal man in town clothes, or an "urban shaman" with his heart very close to Africa and also Cuba. He's mostly self taught, having played alongside many masters from a diverse mix of cultures and traditions including local drummers from Ewe tribe in southern Ghana.


He lived, danced and sang in Holland amidst numerous black African masters there, lived in Poland and trained his voice in archaic white singing and shoutsinging with the a-cappella band OVO, cultivating the ancient tradition, singing songs from the tribes of Eastern Europe, now in many ways forgotten. X

Sacred Song Circle with Šárka Elias


Šárka Elias is a musician, kirtan leader and vocal coach.

Her mission is to make a positive contribution in the current world and bring joy and light through her music.

Since 2014 she has been guiding circles in the UK, India, Peru, Czech republic and Greece. 

(Her new album 'VIVA' will be released in May)

Find out more about Šárka here

Shakti Dance and Mantra with Lydia Baksh


Shakti Dance® uses flowing, rhythmic, organic movements to harmonise mind, body and spirit. Combining, breath, movement and mantra, we are returned to our true nature - tuning the body as in instrument to express our essence, with creativity and authenticity. 


Lydia is a movement teacher and mantric musician. She creates a safe and inspiring space, which allows you to journey deep into the heart of your creative flow… enabling you to express your voice and body with confidence and ease.


Find more about Lydia here

Animal Snuggles with Eshana Spiers

Eshana Insta.png

We all know Rumble is much about closeness and snuggles, and who better than to invite us warmly into the Snuggle space than Eshana!

Eshana is a Psychosexual Somatics Coach, Menstrual Educator and Cuddle Queen. She facilitates trauma informed coaching and workshops for adults and young people in a variety of community settings. Supporting people to engage with life from their hearts, power, vulnerability & sexuality.

She'll be hosting a few special sessions in the snuggle area to welcome us all!


Find more about Eshana here

Moving dance journey and sharing circles with Sargam Picker


Sargam Picker is a Creative Arts therapist and supervisor, who has worked professionally for nearly thirty years with adults and children in embodied, creative therapeutic ways.

Sargam is passionate about music and dance. She facilitates conscious movement and dance groups and workshops and has been dancing on as many dance floors as she can manage on a regular basis for nearly 30 years.

She has also facilitated constellations, group and individual therapy work and trainings for over 20 years and has a profound ability to help integrate the physical with the mental and emotional, helping people make sense of their healing process on all levels.

Find out about Sargam's work here

Brazilian Forró Partner dancing with Julia Samel


Brazilian Forró is an easy-to-learn partner dance, the essence of which focuses on connection and the joy of moving in synchronicity with another.

Julia's lessons are light and fun, starting with the basic rhythms and steps, and moving onto more complex movements to get a real feel for this beautiful dance from the Northeast of Brazil.


Julia has been teaching Forró for over 12 years, founding the biggest forró night in London, Forró Family, and taking her passion for partner dancing to various events and festivals including her own - Forró Fest UK, to lure as many feet to the dance floor as she possibly can.


If you think you can't dance, then think again!  Find out more here

Dance Medicine with Pixi Pete


Hi my name is Pixi Pete, General joy ambassador and ecstatic dance dj. I love deep, dirty, bassy funky music and colourful leggings.

My love for djing came from my love to dance and playing music that is energetic and good for completely letting go to, so you will always catch me grooving behind the decks during my set.


I like to play a wide range of music genres to inspire different forms of movement and dance floor shapes. While currently training in the modern mystery school of the dancing heart path, i have enjoyed expanding my style and music genre choices.

An Ecstatic Journey with DJ Benjy Kirk


An ecstatic journey with music chosen and mixed by London-based DJ Benjy Kirk. This session won’t be facilitated - no talking, just music… and plenty of good vibes!

Benjy is on a mission to discover and share with you the most danceable tracks from around the world.

In addition to being a Rumble regular, he is also a resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance UK’s weekly SUN·DAY dances in Hackney, as well as having played at Morning Gloryville among other conscious dance events.

Expect an eclectic and high-energy set; meandering through the musical genres of Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and beyond (without excluding some local influences!) all woven together to take you on a journey full of surprises.

Intrigued? Join us for an international musical voyage!

Ecstatic Dance UK with Richard Batts

Richard Batts Insta.png

Welcome to Richard  - Co-founder of Ecstatic Dance UK & founder of Ecstatic Life!


After over a decade in corporate construction as a project manager, Richard left it all behind 2 years ago in pursuit of his dreams, following his heart and feet to bring music and movement to London and beyond. He believes both when combined in a conscious dance practice have the power to transform and to heal, both the individual and collective. 


Richard prides himself on his passion of weaving the world's finest electronic and eclectic music in his set creation, which have quickly made him a keen favourite amongst the rapidly growing London dance community. He also has a penchant for connecting and collaborating with others, bringing people together with his infectious spirit and his passion for dance and people, that just keeps growing alongside his projects. 

RAPTURE High Intensity Ecstatic Dance with DJ Jan-Michael


Jan-Michael is a London-based DJ and producer. His Wild Dancer DJ sets are inspired by ecstatic dance and lean towards high energy, bass heavy tracks across many genres.

Find Jan-Michael here

More Cabaret and Clowning antics with Ailon Freedman


Ailon Freedman is a yoga teacher, comedian, artist and percussionist. 
He believes that celebration and playfulness are essential ingredients for personal development.


His current hobbies are clowning, storytelling and speaking in silly accents.

Ailon will be hosting our Saturday night Cabaret in which you, yes you, are invited to join in and get up there on stage to share a little of good selves with the best audience you can find this side of.. Chesham.

Get in touch with Ailon to get yourself lined up - earlier the better!

More on Ailon and his tricks here