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Introducing our Artists and Space Holders

We are both blessed and blissed up to announce our line-up of wonderful facilitators, space holders, musicians and artists, to guide, inspire, encourage and hold us on our way throughout our Rumble Camp weekends.


One thing for sure is that there will be a diverse yet grounding mix of wonderful opportunities to meet and explore, to sink into our bodies and to find our way to fully welcome ourselves to the space with all that we bring.

Introducing the Rumble 2024 facilitators and artists.. In no particular order.. (and more to come!)

5 Rhythms with Jason Rowe


Learning, creating, collaborating in dance, Jason fell in love with the 5Rhythms in 2003 and qualified as a teacher in 2011. Since then he has immersed himself deeply into teaching and further study. - "it's the one thing that keeps me fluid, truly alive and sane!" We're living in extraordinary times and this is an incredible practice that he feels so very grateful to be able to offer.

Jason will be joining us at Rumble part 2

Ecstatic Dance with DJ Jan-Michael


Jan-Michael is a London-based DJ and producer. His Wild Dancer DJ sets are inspired by ecstatic dance and lean towards high energy, bass heavy tracks across many genres.


Jan-Michael will be joining us at both Rumble Part 1 and Part 2

Contact Improvisation with Rick Nodine


Rick Nodine is trained in multiple disciplines of movement practices, choreography and performance. He is an internationally recognised Contact Improvisation teacher and we are lucky to have him holding weekly classes in London!

Rick's offers classes for all levels of CI and will be working on the important foundations of CI techniques and how we can explore this wonderful practice of connecting through our bodies at Rumble!

Rick will be joining us at Rumble Part 1

Bliss Dance with Kali Satyagraha


Kali will be offering her movement BlissDance practice, creating capacity for conscious connection & intimacy - 'Embody Your Desire & Follow Your Bliss'!


Kali loves to create a safe, sacred space for dancers to develop their capacity for conscious, authentic, intimate connections with Self, Others and All Our Relations. Beginning with a deep connection to Self, and then expanding our relational awareness and energy outwards to include others - in pairs as well as in small groups.

Kali will be joining us at both Rumble Part 1 and Part 2

5 Rhthms with Ruth Hurst


Ruth 'teaches with a subtly that encourages each dancer to listen to what is moving within them. She is passionate to create a space that is safe and transformative' The music and dance are mediums, healers, catalysts, that keep calling us back into movement. Calling us Home to be embodied awareness in living and being with each other.


I have a quote from Herman Melville: "We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibres, our action runs as causes and return to us as results" Herman Melville. 

Heartsongs and Harmnies with Mike Robeson

Mike Robeson_edited.jpg

Mike Robeson runs community singing groups all over the UK. Based in Hertfordshire, he started running sessions in 2017. The groups are all about the joy of singing, embracing the philology that singing is for all.


You don't need any prior skills to join and experience the depths of harmonies from different traditions from all over the world. Mike teaches African, Celtic and Gospel harmonies and so much more. Come and join and connect yourself, your heart and others in this intimate container of sound.

Full Joy Jam with George Montagu

George Montagu Jam Profile Pic - Full Jo

Born from a summer of mind-blowing jams around the fire at various conscious festivals, Full Joy Jams are regular conscious events designed to nurture authentic, heartfelt & courageous expression within a supportive communal environment.


Somewhere between a jam and an open-mic, attendees are invited to bring something to the jam circle - be it a song, poem, story, spoken-word piece, heart-felt share or anything really! - for all to join in with and enjoy, guided by the gentle facilitation & musicianship of Full Joy founder George Montagu.

Ecstatic Dance with DJ TAORO


DJ TAORO aka Richard Batts is the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance UK. He will lead an embodied journey including juicy warmup exercises followed by an epic magic carpet ride of the best music, skilfully mixed to take the dancer deep into their bodies.

TAORO will be joining us at Rumble Part 1

Cabaret with Zuma Puma!


Zuma Puma aka. Nelly Scott is a Canadian performer and the founder of Clownlife courses merging the work of Clown and personal development with a focus on how the studies of Clown can positively influence ones life and artistic practice exponentially.
Zuma has facilitated over a thousand Clownlife participants over the years in 14 countries across the UK, Australia, Europe, South, Central and North America. Teaching in universities, colleges, theatre companies, corporate settings, artistic residencies and retreats, online and the list goes on. 

She is most well regarded for her work founding the International Lost Cabaret- London's most alternative comedy night since 2012.

5 Rhthms with Juditt


Judit is a passionate dancer and loves shaping her inner world through

movement. She is in her element when able to trace what is alive in her and

allow her body to express it and find precise movements that best describes her


"Meeting the dancefloor felt like coming home" recalling her teenage years-

cracking up the volume and dancing her insides out-just like in her bedroom.

Live Music with Algy Behrens


Algy Behrens (Lacuna) is a well travelled musician with an incredible diversity of influences. From flamenco guitar, bossa nova, folk, blues, americana and Manding influenced finger picking, he takes his audiences on intimate and deep journeys traversing some of the many lands he's travelled through. He weaves a sonic tapestry creating soundscapes with pulsing rhythmic grooves, ambient dreamscapes and tender songs that speak to the depths of what it is to be human in these challenging times.

Algy will be joining us at Rumble Part 1

Silly Olympics, Play Fight & Authentic Relating with Bennergy!


Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey into the heart of playful connection? This is a journey back home, towards our inner child that just wants to play, to feel the warmth that radiates from our hearts. Join us on December 10th for an embodied experience that will leave you feeling full of joy and give your inner child permission to finally be free. 

We connect to the body and emotions, listening carefully at their wisdom.

We take care of ourselves, and our limits, expanding them with kindness and fun.

We connect with others, learning to be authentic in relationship with them.

Contact Improvisation with Richard Parker


As a teacher, Richard has a solid and clear approach to sharing the Somatics of CI, which in turn has led him to develop teaching scores that offer a rich clarity and accessibility into dancing CI. 

He loves collaborative improvisation scores that bring greater spontaneity and subtlety into the dance practice and is passionate about how we hold space and offer boundaries of safety and accessibility within dance, especially when working with less experienced dancers.

Richard will be joining us at Rumble Part 2

Intimate Flow with Ed Rooke


Ed’s weaves together aspects of tantra and shadow work to guide people to connect with their natural aliveness and resources, so they can be can create deeper intimacy. His workshops offer a gentle and playful way to transform the subtle places within that limit connection, so that you can move from an embodied confidence in being completely yourself. Ed teaches several of the workshops in the Living Tantra Programme, as well as offering a range of programmes for men focusing on the themes of sexuality, archetypal empowerment, intimacy and shadow.

Ed will be joining us at Rumble Part 1

Songs From the Four Directions with Sunny Davidson


Sunny Davidson is a singer-songwriter, song carrier, ceremonial drummer, pipe carrier and sweat lodge facilitator. He has been profoundly influenced by his experiences journeying with the Sacred Fire, having completed his vision quest in 2016 and played with the Star Dance Orchestra, under the guidance of indigenous leaders from Mexico and Ecuador. 


Sunny will be sharing his songs which are inspired by his many years on the Red Path. They honour Mother Earth, Father Sky, the four sacred directions, the spirits of the teacher plants and carry a prayer for the next seven generations.

Full Circle - Embodied Dance with DJ LEXX


LEXX whips the finest House of all flavours, Reggaeton and Latinx, Afrobeat and Dancehall, and Drum & Bass tracks into DJ sets that sweat and reset. This is a dance floor where gender gets bent and all beings are held in love, creating a held experience where you can meet your struggle and release it all.

Ground together with a dance floor meditation and wake up our limbs before collectively jumping into the deep end. We'll dance together until we lose our North, and then softly land back onto Earth, same but different - full circle.


LEXX will be joining us at Rumble Part 2

Ecstatic Dance Drum & Bass Special with Indigo


Indigo has always been a dance and music fanatic and has recently been exploring more and more possibilities of ways to bring his favourite selections of tunes to inspire us all.

He's a total fan of the deepest bassiest sounds and there'll be a good splash of that at Rumble where he'll rustle up a storm.. Can't wait!

Intimacy with Self & then others, plus Snug Space with Emma


Emma is a Relationship coach and facilitator of Compassionate and Authentic Relating (aka Nonviolent Communication). She loves to bring people together and create warm and sensual connections between humans by inviting awareness, presence, curiosity, vulnerability, honesty and play into human relating. Her work invites you to dive into a space of deep listening and honest reflection with yourself and others, cultivating awareness and finding your own language of curiosity that supports you to speak your heart’s and body's desires, needs and vulnerabilities.

Emma facilitates workshops in Nonviolent Communication as a way of building a community of humans who embody a language of life that supports compassion and authenticity to flow between them. She also supports individuals and couples to explore relationship dynamics, inner child work, body empathy and needs based coaching as ways to find clarity and awareness of where we get stuck, so that living from the heart becomes more tangible. 

Contact Improvisation Jams & World Music with Stone Redfire


Stone describes himself as a tribal man in town clothes, or an "urban shaman" with his heart very close to Africa and also Cuba.He's mostly self taught, having played alongside many masters from a diverse mix of cultures and traditions including local drummers from Ewe tribe in southern Ghana.


He lived, danced and sang in Holland amidst numerous black African masters there, lived in Poland and trained his voice in archaic white singing and shoutsinging with the a-cappella band OVO, cultivating the ancient tradition, singing songs from the tribes of Eastern Europe, now in many ways forgotten. X

AcroYoga Introduction with Cat Lenain

Profile Pic - Cat Lenain_edited.jpg

Acroyoga foundations - Teaching basic key poses to link together in acroyoga sequences, L-basing and some standing balances, plus safe spotting and some acro games.


Cat could also teach a handstands class if of interest Partner yoga stretch and release - a partner yoga tantra class - guiding humans in couples through assisted yummy stretches

The Wheel Of Consent with Rupert James


Rupert has trained in depth with many internationally renowned teachers of  intimacy, relationship, communication and consent.  He has been holding space for groups since 1992 and has facilitated consent workshops in the UK and in Europe for over a decade.  Informed choice and an inclusive, trauma-informed  approach are central to all his work.   Rupert is based in Oxford, UK, and is an accredited Wheel of Consent facilitator with Betty Martin's  School of Consent.

Rupert will be joining us at Rumble Part 2

Yoga & Inner Dance with Marrie Burrows

478A0582-5519-477C-A727-CD8AA8A23DBE - Wild Wolf Movement_edited.jpg

Join us with arms wide open as the heart is danced awake...Inner Dance is a somatic sound journey like no other. Starting lying with eyes closed, allow trust and the playlist to take you on a journey home, remembering and embracing all parts of your being. Stoke the flames of your inner fire through intuitive movement with awakened belly dance. Tapping into the power and strength of the solar plexus, embody the energy of this chakra with warmth and love.


Forever trying to surrender to/ dance with the flow of life Marie is curious by nature + has spent years living, learning and loving around the globe in a bid to discover + embody different ways of being. She facilitates yoga + dance offerings online + in person.

Temenos Dance Collective with DJ FX10k


DJ FX10k aka Felix Oram is a dancer, DJ and founder of the Temenos Dance Collective. He is a passionate advocate for the positive influence that dance and movement practices can have on the world, at both the individual and collective level.

He started DJing at the age of 15 and has spent over a decade dancing and working in the conscious dance space.

Felix will be joining us at Both Rumble Part 1 and Part 2

Music & Cabaret with Conor O'Sullivan


As an artist, therapist and teacher, Conor's intention is to support people in their healing, integration and expansion. He holds spaces that allow people to safely and authentically express themselves through music, poetry and movement practices, which he loves to explore and encourage.

At Rumble he will be offering music, fireside jams, movement flow practices and and hosting our Cabaret!

Conor will be joining us at both Rumble Part 1 and Part 2

Conscious Connected Breathwork with Lee James

IMG_2033 - Lee_edited.jpg

Conscious Connected Breath is an opportunity to develop an understanding of your relationship with your breath, learn how you can engage the breath to intentionally calm or activate your nervous system, and to experience directly how you can expand your consciousness using breath. 

Tender Self-Love Movement with Laura-Maria Schober

IMG_6963 2 - Laura Schober_edited.jpg

Tender Self-Love Movement is a grounding, safe, and nourishing space to deepen our inner connection and practice self-love through embodied meditation, mindful movement, & self-touch practices. It allows us to be soft and tender with ourselves.


Through gentle guidance and accompanied by gentle music, we will explore how self-love and safety feel within the body, how we can express love & kindness towards our body, mind, & soul, and how we can anchor this loving embodied state within us.

Qi Gong with Mandora plus Bodywork


The Qi flow state - Let's introduce movement gently and playfully.  It's not mindless work outs, it’s mindful movement.  We start with the meridian warm up shaking, stretching and following our breath.  Followed by 8 trigram sequence to restore stability, increase joint mobility and detoxify the organs.  


We alchemise with the elements and end with a visualisation and intention practice to set us up for the day

Cabaret with Andy Samel


Andy Samel, Julia's brother and co-founder of Forró Family - a weekly Brazilian partner dance event in London - will be taking to the Rumble stage this year to host our Cabaret!

The invitation is for anyone to get involved. It's all about us all having a the opportunity to get out there on stage, and Andy will be your supportive host, as well as sharing some top snippets of his comedic offerings. 


Andy will be joining us at Rumble Part 2

Heart of Yoga with Ana X Chakora

IMG_7283 - Anna Eveleigh_edited.jpg

Sharing the heart of yoga practice as described in the shiva sutras. A practice of breath and body union bringing you home to your self.

Introduction to Tango Argentino with Reza


Starting with the techno-infused raves of the early 90s, then on to the conscious dance scene, contact improvisation and Tango Argentino from the turn of the millennia onwards, Reza's dance journey has been rich and passionate. Alongside his work as a psychotherapist, dance is what he feels most profoundly inspired to contribute to the world. He began teaching Tango more than 15 years ago and especially loves introducing newcomers to this incredible improvised dance-form.

This will be a fun introduction - with substance - in which we will explore the basic principles of grounding, attuning to a partner, and 'leading' or 'following' a walk in unison to the rhythm of the music. The flow of walking deeply connected to each other and to the music is the foundation of Tango, out of which a vast space of possibilities emerge. No previous dance experience is required. 

More to be announced soon..
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