August 12th - 23rd 2021
Connections with real people in real skin on a real dance floor once more!
Alcohol and drug free

Yes yes yes! 

We are so excited at last to be planning a special welcome back to Rumble, over two long weekends in August!

With plenty of space indoors and out, there'll be a mix of activities and the invitation to meet and support each other as we ease back into connecting with real-life people in real skin on real dance floors, in the gentlest possible way.. Wow.. this feels so wonderful.. Just breathing it in!

You're welcome to join us for Part 1, Part 2 or both weekends if you're very camping keen.

PLEASE NOTE: Rumble is alcohol and drug free!

Both weekends will offer a light programme including a welcoming circle on Friday evening, a range of movement and connection / sharing sessions in the mornings and afternoons and live music and DJs in the evenings to inspire and move us as we welcome all that we bring to the space. There'll also be a beautiful campfire to enjoy together under the stars.

There'll be delicious healthy food and snacks, cosy spaces and an open field for relaxation, frisbee and more.. 

Full Weekend tickets include camping and all workshops and activities.

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Imagine a place where movement and dance are the focus.


Centred around a beautiful hall with a smooth floor, where we can roll and creep, tickle and leap.. Where the music calls and the silence has its own melody.


From dawn until dusk, there’ll be spaces to mingle, to relax and to play,

to stretch and to tingle. Then a campfire by moonlight to sing us to sleep,

the sounds of nature to massage our feet, to rest our heads, ready for when,

we are called to dance as the sun rises again.

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Where did the inspiration come from?

Rumble is inspired by the many other music and dance festivals, camps and gatherings sharing similar themes and creating beautiful safe spaces to explore and play. The big difference is that Rumble puts movement and dance at its focus.


Bringing together various different practices, combined with an appreciation of a good solid dance floor, tasty and healthy food and lots of space for random happenings and wonderings, Rumble is the place to relax, meet, experience a variety of different movement based practices and most importantly have loads of fun.


Our programme this year

We will be creating a light programme of activities and supportive structures throughout both weekends. There'll be plenty of opportunities to connect and move together, share food and nourish ourselves with being in nature and free to wonder, though please expect these events to be different from our usual festival.


We are wanting to create more space and allow more time for us each to find our own way of reconnecting and feeling supported at this unusual time.


Thank-you for your understanding!

Covid safety

We will be watching and following the relevant government guidance to ensure we can stay safe and comply with all necessary precautions as Rumble gets closer. We will send more information as we understand the situation more clearly.

In case of any changes we will keep you updated and in the sad case that we have to cancel the event, we will offer full refunds on tickets.


We really appreciate your patience and understanding as we will do our absolute best to ensure Rumble can happen and that it's all you might dream of and more!

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