Imagine a festival where movement and dance is the focus.


Centred around a beautiful hall with a smooth floor, where we can roll and weep, tickle and leap.. Where the music calls and the silence has it’s own melody.


From dawn until dusk, there’ll be spaces to mingle, to relax and to play,

to stretch and to scream, to stroke and to tingle.


Then a campfire by moonlight to sing us to sleep,

the sounds of nature to massage our feet, to rest our heads, ready for when,

we are called to dance as the sun rises again.

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Where did the inspiration come from?

Rumble is Julia's vision, inspired by her experiences of many other music and dance festivals, camps and gatherings sharing similar themes

and creating beautiful safe spaces to explore and play.

The main difference is that Rumble puts movement and dance at its focus.


Bringing together various different practices, combined with an appreciation of a good solid dance floor, tasty and healthy food and lots of space for random happenings and wonderings, Rumble is the place to relax, meet,

experience a variety of different movement based practices 

and most importantly have loads of fun.


Our Programme of activities and workshops

A full weekend of opportunities to dance

and to explore with inspiration from many wonderful teachers,

starting Friday evening and running until Sunday evening

(though you can stay until Monday morning if you like), including:

Movement Medicine, Ecstatic dance, Acro-yoga, Contact Improv..,

5 Rhythms, Yoga, Biodanza, Forró and much much more..


There'll be delicious healthy food and snacks, cosy spaces and an open field

for frisbee and more.. Plus lots of live music to keep us moving

and meeting each other in new ways!

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You can also call us on 07834465577 or email us here

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