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We have invited a host of great teachers to join our team and bring much inspiration and excitement to the weekend's activities. Our focus has been to find down-to-earth yet experienced guides who have a unique and personable way of sharing their passion.

Our aim is to provide lots of inspiration and great opportunities and guidance, but also to give you the time to move freely, improvise, get to know each other and to get outdoors and enjoy dancing in the summertime with campfires and random acts of campsite shenanigans that leave you feeling like this festival is much more than just dance..

Check out our workshops and teachers confirmed so far! (More to come too!)

Welcome ceremony with Ecstatic dance UK

Welcome to Rumble with DJ Isza and the EDUK team!

Come and join our opening ceremony as we welcome everyone to Rumble and begin our weekend journey with the Ecstatic Dance UK team and DJ Isza!

Ecstatic Dance UK are committed to the creation of a safe, sacred space for people to come and express themselves through movement—regardless of age, gender, background or social status.

"Dancing is a form of therapy which can help us connect to ourselves and to others. We embrace inclusivity, freedom of expression, openness and positivity. Come and dance with us!"

Ecstatic Dance UK run regular events in London on Sun-days too!

Elemental Temple Experience

A Ceremonial Elemental Journey of Ecstatic Dance and Sacred Sound

Join Kwali Kumara and Pixi Pete for a journey through the senses, unleash your Inner Elemental and spread your wings through the powerful shamanic practices of Ecstatic Dance, Kundalini Mantra, Celestial Meditation, Gong Healing and Sacred Sound.

Honour the Elemental Temple that is your beautiful body, by offering your dance as a dedication to your divinity. 


Make your ceremony a clear and conscious self-exalted experience that you share with your tribe - A collective tribute of gratitude to the five elements that we are all created from and to our cosmic parents, Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Enrich your soul dancing in deliciousness to eclectic, ecstatic banging beats. Enliven your spirit with soul family, sacred sonics, blissful Crystal Singing bowls and transformative Galactic Gongs.

Sacred song with Olivia van Dort

Singing from the heart

In this workshop our primary intention is to provoke a place of safety and trust for the truth of the voice to be activated welcomed and witnessed. 


Unshaped, unrestricted, unaltered but accepted in its raw transmission, perhaps showing us the primal sense of who we are and will be and from where we came from. 


The voice holds our own signature  frequently where all versions of ‘self’ are contained. 


An ancient and unique access point to a deeper remembering. 

A clear mirror where we can hear where we have been and all we are. 


Here we can begin to witness what we have left to activate/reawaken in dormant potential. It holds an intelligence of its own. When we are willing, it holds the key to expansion and liberation. 


It holds a code for self soothing and healing. As well as a formula that connects us together. Tribe. Family. Community. We manifest our creation and build the fabric of society. To build unity with our brothers and sisters something our respected elders and ancestors used in fluidity.

Dance of the heart with Karen

The Art of Feeling Good through dance meditation

In this “world beyond words”,  you will connect with the experience of  dance and moving meditation that will leave you feeling inspired, joyful and open to the power of love!

You are invited to dance to the sounds of uplifting music from around the world: tribal drums, latin rhythms, modern and trad jazz, classic rock and reggae and you’ll be invited to move to soothing classical and meditative chants and sounds . There is much freedom to express yourself and there are no steps to learn.

We interweave dancing alone, with dancing with partners and dancing as a group. Everything is optional.

As a facilitator of “well-being” and “feel good”, Karen is unusual in that she has a broad repertoire of offerings and a wide range of skills in transformational coaching and coaching supervision, leading meditations, teaching dance meditation, and in energy work.

Contact Improvisation with Richard Parker

Moving together in the space

Contact Improv is a practice of how two or more bodies move together as one in physical contact, within a spontaneously unfolding improvise dance.  It can be playful, sensitive, quiet or energetic and involves sharing weight with lots of dynamic movements ranging anywhere between lifting and flying to rolling and sliding across the floor.


Within this workshop we will exploring ways to give and receive structural support, how to manage weight exchange between two or more moving bodies, and begin to awaken our bodies capacity for tactile listening and presence.  It'll be perfect for introducing newcomers as well as offering a more in-depth inquiry for those with some experience.

Richard uses a grounded and relaxed approach to share his passion and understanding of the principle movements within CI as a way into finding a deep and real connection within ourselves. 

Movement medicine dance journey with Mira

Our Saturday ceremonial journey (cacao optional)

Movement Medicine with Mira offers beautifully crafted and immersive dance meditations,  held with captivating music and clear guidance. A safe and supportive space for you to drop into the intelligence of your moving body and connect to the transformative power of the dance. A way to release, replenish and expand into a greater sense of inner balance. 

Through the embodied presence of our dance we experience our creative potency and deepen our connection to ourselves, each other and the web of life. We honour our unique expression as we welcome who we are and all that we may become.  

Ecstatic Awakening Dance with Kate Walton

Shake off your stresses

A movement meditation of free expression through music rhythm and dance, release and let go, awaken your inner flame to freedom and transformation.

An individual dance process with the invitation to close the eyes, so you can really go inside and dance like no ones watching! Its a 5 stage process, with body warm up, shaking, let go (main dance), stillness and grounding. 

Acro-Yoga with Rebecca

Fancy a bit of life upside down?

We will be turned upside down and balanced on our tummy's with this fantastically precarious workshop from Rebecca Barton all the way from London!

5 Rhythms with Stuart Phillips

Stuart is an accredited 5Rhythms teacher. He first danced the 5Rhythms in 2007 and has been teaching since 2018. His teachings are practical and are rooted in inviting awareness to the physical body that we each inhabit. His work has been described as bringing clarity and simplicity to the practice of embodied movement...

"I am discovering for myself that an powerful aspect of the 5Rhythms is the practice of awakening the body that enables us human beings to unravel for ourselves who we truly are”

This worksop and Stuart's classes count towards the 5Rhythms Teacher Training prerequisite hours (waves).

Love Lounge Lite with Sy and Ash

Snuggle dome fun!

On Saturday evening, we'll transform our Snug dome into a space with no expectations and where anyone can have amazing, delicious, sensual connections with other beautiful beings within a safe and supportive environment.


The agreements we hold here allow you the freedom to explore your bliss, to slow down, to discover new joys, to play with your boundaries and to be fun-fully courageous!...and you can just snuggle too!

Sy and Ash are Brighton based Conscious Sexuality facilitators and practitioners offering a fabulous variety of ways to explore YOU to the next level! Our passion is self-enquiry and development through Joy, Pleasure and Self Awareness. We have trained in a number of different tantric and shamanic techniques over the years and we incorporate these skills with our 25 years of exploring relationship together, to bring a truly unique and different approach to what we offer YOU

DANCEMandala with Peryal

A transformational movement meditation

DANCEmandala provides a map to facilitate intuitive authentic movement flow. With carefully selected music and open reflective guidance, we journey through 11 layers of awareness.


From awake -consciousness of our body, emotion and hearts space into more subtle layers where we step into that place of deeper connection to self, into a dreaming space of potentiality and vast dimension of the mystery before folding back into state of inner spring of awakening bliss, clarity (insights) and stillness.


One can also receive this practice simply as an intuitive free-form movement exploration (DANCE) within a sacred and meditative containment (mandala)

Tango Argentino for Beginners with Reza

A fun, accessible introduction to this juicy dance of connection

Tango Argentino is an improvised dance in which one partner 'leads' and the other 'follows'. The roles are independent of gender. A deep connection between the energy and principles of each role, in response to the endlessly rich music gives rise to an intimate and emotional journey on the dancefloor.

The foundation of the dance is the ability to simply walk together in unison. This class will be a fun introduction, with substance, in which we will begin to explore the basic principles of grounding, connecting with a dance partner and leading or following a walk in 'open embrace'. We will be using a few simple exercises to develop this skill. There will be no 'steps' to memorise and no previous dance experience is required.  

Reza is a dancer at heart and a psychotherapist by trade. He dances to work and works to dance! His heart's desire is to live a life of awakened embodiment and he finds his deepest purpose in inviting, and accompanying others in their own journey home.

Sunset Drumming and Chanting

Join Gayatri & Lorrorena around the Fire!

Come and sing and dance during the magic of sunset around the communal fire. Do bring percussion instruments and drums if you have them!

Gayatri uses a combination of Sanskrit Chants, Rainbow Songs, Pagan Chants and free sounding in her work. She is also a Sound and Theta Healer. 

Intimate dance with Stone Redfire

The main focus of the workshop is the essence of contact improvisation: listening and sharing. The higher level of listening of ourselves and our dance partners gives higher responsiveness to each other, bring us fluidity, and high satisfaction in connection on a deeper level. 

We will work on getting into the body, on increasing awareness, on deepening sensitivity for smallest movements and energies and lightest changes of directions. Such subtlety in listening brings us closer to the environment surrounding us in dance and gives us a very intimate connection with the dance partners. That results in quicker development of the technique within principles and fundamentals of contact improvisation. 

Contact Improvisation with Elise Wach

Movement in contact

Contact Improvisation is a dance form originally referred to as a "art-sport" in which the point of contact with another dancer provides the starting point for a movement exploration. It is most frequently performed as a duet, but can be danced by more people. There can be music or it can happen in silence. It is about sharing weight, rolling, suspending, falling, passive and active, energy and awareness.

Yoga with Ceri and Richard

We'll start each day with a good stretch of course!

Bring your mats for an hour of Yoga each morning, Saturday with Ceri and Sunday with Richard Parker.

Brazilian Forró Partner dancing with Julia

Meet through the blissful connection of folk dancing!

Originating in Brazil and now becoming popular throughout Europe we believe there is no better feeling in the world than dancing cheek to cheek to the enchanting sounds of the accordion, drum and triangle that define the basis of this traditional Brazilian partner dancing, to move your heart, feet and soul.

We'll learn all the basics and have plenty of time to improvise together too!

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Dance - Camp - Meet - Share - Connect - Be conscious - Be you - Be welcome - Enjoy Summer!

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