Introducing our DJs and musicians

We have invited many wonderful creative musicians who have experience improvising and playing to inspire movement and creativity..

Check some of them out here!

Tailor Birds Music

All the way from Oz!

With her thrilling electric violin and looping genius, Sophie Kingston brings Tailor Bird's multiple sensory experience to Rumble, on their UK tour!

Introducing her second album "Wide awake I see the storm" , Sophie's live looping, foley art and positive vibes create music to feed your soul - "World folk at it's finest"!

Pixi Pete

Hi my name is Pixi Pete, General joy ambassador and ecstatic dance dj. I love deep, dirty, bassy funky music and colourful leggings.

My love for djing came from my love to dance and playing music that is energetic and good for completely letting go to, so you will always catch me grooving behind the decks during my set.


I like to play a wide range of music genres to inspire different forms of movement and dance floor shapes. While currently training in the modern mystery school of the dancing heart path, i have enjoyed expanding my style and music genre choices.



So come join me, get sweaty and bust out some amazing shapes on the dance floor.

Kate Stewart

Be taken on a Sound Journey with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls.

Join Kate Stewart in the snuggle dome and she takes you on a journey through sound.

A space for deep relaxation and healing. Be bathed in pure tones of the Alchemy Crystal singing bowls and let go of what is no longer serving you and to help bring about balance, inner peace and harmony. 


These bowls produce powerful tones that resonate deep within the body. The sound touches our bodies on a molecular and crystalline level. 

Wren and Robby

Celtic Harp and Vocals weaving meditative melodies.

An atmosphere for you to relax into- Multi-lingual melodies by Wren Thomas (Welsh/Au) and sounds from the beautiful hand crafted Celtic harp by Robby Neil (Au).


Tune in to yourself, move or be still, and let the sound transport you.

Storme and friends

Sunny West African songs with Kora, Djembe, Clarinet and Cello

Storme, Fran and Chris have been playing together for 5 rhythms workshops for some years, as well as other dance forms including shamanic/ecstatic dance, Biodanza and West African.


Their passion is improvisation; making music in the moment which moves the dancers, as well as working with the dancer's energy to 'complete the circle'. They have recently started performing at festivals as a group encouraging the audience to dance whenever possible!


Join DJ Benjy for an adventure through dance music new & old.


Expect funky disco baselines, latin rhythms and tribal influences from his energetic and eclectic sets - all masterfully tied together with a love for the art of DJing. 


For him, it’s all about keeping it playful and creating a narrative that progressively builds energy; arousing your baseline receptors and sparking wild antics on the dance floor.

DJ Benjy says “my aim is to play quality dance tunes, unearth musical gems and create moments where the music is so good you turn into a transdimensional space goat”.

Joodoo Drums!

Live African drumming band to get you moving and grooving

Come listen, dance and get highly carried away to our live African drum band

Dancing recommended- in fact, compulsory!


So come join me, get sweaty and bust out some amazing shapes on the dance floor.


Joodoo Drums are a live African drum troupe who run drumming workshops and parties all around the land

Will Street

Our violin master

Will's gently alluring violin is happy jamming along with almost any style and feeling of sound, and will be on hand to awaken our senses to its call...


Will has performed with artists ranging from Shirley Horn to Steven Tyler, and is happiest when able to inspire others through his passion for music.

Stone Red Fire and Ziv Bachar

Ci Gentle Jam Soundscape

A musical collaboration of two musicians: Stone Red Fire and Ziv Bachar who will provide sweet, quiet, contemplative music soundscapes for all dancers of all levels of experience in contact improvisation.


If you are new to the ci dance form you are most welcome to watch and enjoy the sublime shapes and movement of contact dancers and you may even feel inspired to join in.

Yair Schleider

The perfect fireside sing-song

Yair plays accordion, guitar and other instruments too, specialising in Jazz, Folk and Klesmer music as a member of various groups in around London.


If you can't find him - check down by the campfire as he loves a good evening gathering and has volunteered to be our onsite jukebox - he can play almost any song you know!

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